Ying Sun

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Assistant Professor,
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science,
The Pennsylvania State University,
State College, PA 16802.
E-mail: ysun [AT] psu [DOT] edu

Research areas: nonlinear optimization, parallel and distributed optimization,
statistical machine learning, signal processing

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  • I will be hiring students working on the broad area of decentralized optimization, machine learning, and signal processing. Please contact me if you are interested.

Recent News

  • Dec. 12, 2020: Our paper has received the 2020 Young Author Best Paper Award by the IEEE Signal Processing Society.
    Y. Sun, P. Babu, and D. P. Palomar, “Majorization-Minimization Algorithms in Signal Processing, Communications, and Machine Learning,” IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing, vol. 65, no. 3, pp. 794-816, Feb. 2017